200 Series


Savannah Mounted Bedding Plow

Can be tractor-mounted, or mounted to back of a dozer with a lift system or directly to the ripper frame. These plows are designed for use on second rotation forest sites, or old farmland with little grass cover where deep soil fracture and/or high beds are essential. Utilizes the standard ripper shank of the dozer and the ripper frame as a convenient mounting base using the J-Hook quick-release mount for one-pass ripping, cultivating and bedding. Can be matched with a 'V- Shear' on the front of the dozer for even more productive capability.

The whole machine is lighter and is offered in three sizes to suit tractors from 90hp upwards, right through to 300hp, or for the larger Cat Challenger models. Optional ripper designs and a mounting kit for Cat Challengers, large 4WD tractors, or 'flatback' dozers, make this unit very adaptable for high performance ripper-mounding on open country.