ECO-TIL by Savannah Global

Eco-Til™ is a patent pending High Impact, Minimal Tillage technique used when mounted behind a sub-soil plow and closes the rip-line and thoroughly fractures soil without any inversion. This technique uses offset coulters mounted in a Stump Jump™ configuration to harness the effect of lateral forces that thoroughly break soil bulk density uniformly across a 650cm wide x 40cm deep zone.

This technique provides the most ideal soil impact in areas with thin topsoils and erosion prone soils. The use of relieving coulters with the patented Stump Jump™ hydraulic relief system allows soil conditioning to be accomplished with minimal removal of previous harvest debris. Eco-Til™ is the most cost effective way to replace ripping and offset ripping typically provided with higher hp dozers. A D6N and up can pull a Eco-Til efficiently.