1200 Series


Savannah Rotary Stick Rakes

Heavy duty Rotary Stick Rakes have been an important part of the range of Australian land clearing equipment developed over twenty years ago, further development with this technology was made to suit the US forest industry in the 1980s, and Savannah again improved Rotary Rake Technology to specifically suit large land to crop conversions in Argentina, Southern Africa Nations, and Brazil for bio-fuel and food crop purposes.

These rakes are built heavy enough to rake fallen trees and previously lifted stump and root residuals into large windrows. The rolling action leaves wood residuals that free of soil and suitable for clean burning or processing for bio-fuel. Production ranges of 4-6 acres per hour (1.8-2.7 hectare per hour) are achievable. Use of a Savannah® Rotary Rake instead of using a conventional dozer-mounted front push rake can be very cost-effective on large projects. As a rule of thumb, a ten-ton rake will push up about 8-9 tons of material across the lateral face of the rake into a continuous windrow before it starts to skid sideways.