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A Legacy Of Quality

Savannah® products from Savannah Global Solutions are designed for forestry as well as a wide variety of demanding agriculture applications. Savannah® Agro-Forestry Solutions addresses challenging soil and site preparation needs in forestry and agriculture with a foundation based upon our patented Savannah® Stump Jump™ Hydraulic Relief System which is incorporated in a broad range of Savannah® equipment including Sub-soil, Bedding, One-way Plows, Offset Disks, and Road Maintenance Equipment that offer superior durability and results worldwide. Innovations in debris management include Rotary Stick Rakes, V-Shears, Chopper Rollers, and Multi-Application and Loader Rakes.

SINCE 1987

The Savannah Global Mission

Savannah Global Solutions combines the best technologies from the original business Savannah® Forestry Equipment, Inc. founded in 1987 in Savannah, Georgia, USA, and Savannah Equipment Pty Ltd in Australia to provide the most diverse land development product line-up globally. Mark Sauer, the founder, and owner of Savannah Global Solutions has over 30 years of experience analyzing, designing, and implementing improved methods and equipment for land development.

We have developed custom precision application systems that can be outfitted on Bull Dozers, Forestry Skidders, and 4 Wheel Drive Tractors. Every one of our applications is created with precision and high-quality materials for longevity and the facilitation of land clearing and site preparation.

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Savannah Global also offers custom manufacturing and design services through a World Class Flexible and Lean Manufacturing System that currently serves the growing market needs of international clients in the US. The efficiency of our service, as well as our close proximity to the fourth busiest container port in the US, motivates our customers to select our Savannah, Georgia-based manufacturing to assist them in reaching their world markets.


4,867,247 Bedding Plow Hydraulic Relief System
6,213,220 Disk Plow Improvement; with High Lift Jump Arms
6,102,130 Soil Preparation Method: Rotary Spot Cultivator. Savannah® is a registered trademark of Savannah Global Solutions, LLC