300 Series


Trailing Subsoil Plows

Also known as 'Combination Plows', or '3 in 1 plows', because of their ability to carry out a number of treatments in one pass. Options exist to cut down through root-mat and debris with a 48” (122cm) high tensile steel coulter; rip down to 26" with a winged sub-soiling shank; cultivate over the rip-line with the stump-jump disk assemblies; chop root-mat and any large clods of dirt with a rear chopper attachment or pack over the bed with a rear packer roller attachment.

Very heavy construction is built into these plows, to allow their use behind dozers and large 4WD skidders in second rotation conditions and heavy soils. The trailing subsoil plow range provides convenience of operation and can be coupled up in minutes to a range of alternative power units; such as dozers in the 150-300hp range, 4WD and skidders with at least 200 hp or the Cat 65 and 75 Challenger tractors.