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The Right Clearing Equipment

900 Series
Blade Root Plows

Blade plows were developed for conservation farming, erosion control, and land clearing. They are an efficient means of controlling heavy forest re-growth and can be used to extract stumps out of the ground as well as the lateral root structures of extracted stumps. They are often used as the efficient and rapid conversion of forest into farmland, golf courses, etc. The concept is to draw a V-shaped blade under the ground at a depth of 20-30cm to break the capillary action of the soil, cut off all the root systems laterally, then draw all this material to the surface where it is exposed to the sun and killed.


Single Tyne Mount to Ripper Beam Center Pocket

Double Tyne with Add-On Pocket for Wider Models >4m

Double Tyne with Straight Cutter Bar for row planted and larger stump diameters that pin in the outer Ripper Pockets.

Model Specifications

**Savannah Global Solutions is able to accommodate customer requests. If the model you are searching for is not listed, please feel free to get in touch with us for your custom request.