100 Series


Savannah Trailing Bedding Plows

Designed for lowland operations where a large mound is required to raise the planting site above wet season inundation. These trailing plows are fitted with either flotation tires, or full width rollers to carry the plow and are connected to the drawbar of a tractor or dozer. Horsepower requirements depend largely on speed and depth of cut, as well as soil type. Ideally, bedding plows operate best at speeds of 3-5mph, at this speed they will throw up a higher bed, with finer soil fracture and fewer clods and incorporate root mat more efficiently.

Land Rehabilitation: Also, with the use of an indented roller to form a trough in the top of the bed, these plows can be used to rehabilitate badly salt-affected land. The trough catches rainfall/precipitation on top of the mound, from where the moisture gravitates through the sides of the mound and out into the furrows at the sides, effectively flushing salts from the soil. Salt tolerant tree species are planted into the clean soil at the top of the mound. When established, the trees will lower the water table and the salt level in the surrounding soil.