400 Series


Savannah Mounted Subsoil Plows

Working in rough conditions, steep slopes and broken country, it is an advantage to have fully mounted machines; these can increase efficiency and achieve productivity gains in the order of 10%-15% over trailing machines. If plowing with a dozer, fitted with a V-Shear, it is difficult to combine this operation with a trailing plow. To meet this demand, especially in areas where dozer-mounted ripper attachments are rare, a range of fully-mounted subsoil plows has been developed, to suit tractor sizes from 150-350hp.

Lifting frames that articulate left and right are important on all dozer-mounted machines. When working on second rotation sites, and in compacted soils with lower horsepower dozers it is also preferable to use a plow fitted with a coulter made out of high tensile steel. Coulters to cut vertically through surface debris and split the tree stumps out of the way of the subsoil shank and tend to reduce tractors horsepower requirements at least 25%.