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1500 Series
Roader Grader

The Savannah® High-Speed grading technology provides dirt road maintenance ‘Better, Cheaper, Faster’ than any other grading product in the world. The Savannah® Grader can reclaim, smooth and pack dirt roads in one pass while grading at speeds up to 12 mph (19 km/h). The Savannah® Grader is easy to use, allowing operators to become skilled quickly. The patented Stump Jump™ hydraulic system adjusts to road conditions, relieves over rocks, and cushions the cutting blade to eliminate speed limitations due to blade vibration. Using a front-wheel-drive tractor, Savannah customers verify they achieve better performance at half the fuel cost when compared to using a motor grader for general dirt road maintenance.


Model Specifications

1500 Series Road Grader

**Savannah Global Solutions is able to accommodate customer requests. If the model you are searching for is not listed, please feel free to get in touch with us for your custom request.