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400 series bedding plow savannah global

Mounted Sub-Soil Bedding Plows

The Magnum 400 Series Mounted Sub Soil Bedding Plow is available in a variety of configurations to achieve the desired cultivation specifications.  Patented ‘High-Lift’ Jump Arms provide 36″ (91 cm) of obstacle clearance when discs are fully deflected. All the Magnum 400 Series Plows have a High Tensile front colter that will allow the plow to work in every condition of debris and will also allow the plow to cut through stumps creating a 100% homogeneous bed. The standard Swept Back Ripper will allow working in the dirtiest conditions. The combination 400 Magnum plow with a 1000 Series V-Shear is the most common reforestation method in South America.


Model Specifications

400 Series Sub-Soil Bedding Plow