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Shed debris.

1000 Series V-Shear

The Savannah® V Shear is the best-built shear on the market, The Push Arms interlock into the mainframe with double-formed side plates to create a more durable union than shears built on reconditioned C Frames or with the standard structural tube. A Savannah ® V Shear has a camber designed into the cutting blade base to ensure the best cutting efficiency is achieved. Savannah Global specifies Abrasion Resistant AR 400 or Hardox ® 400 for the all-shear cutting edges. No other brand adheres to this level of quality.  Series 1020 – 1040 Savannah ® V Shears are competitively priced, however, the real savings are seen in longer wearing blades, minimal maintenance, and better-operating efficiency that saves fuel and increases production Savannah Global offers Straight Front Apron Walls as a standard configuration.


V-Shear Weights

**Savannah Global Solutions is able to accommodate customer requests. If the model you are searching for is not listed, please feel free to get in touch with us for your custom request.